Car & Bike Accident Claim Solicitors in Bristol

If you have been involved in a car accident, a motorbike or bicycle accident and you have been injured we can make a claim on your behalf.

You may have been a driver or a passenger in a car, or been hit by a car or other vehicle as a pedestrian. We have successfully claimed for a large number of traffic accidents.

‘I was studying Art at university when I was knocked down on a zebra crossing and injured so badly that I couldn’t go back to study. I received a settlement of more than £180,000 for the injuries from the car driver’s insurers.’ 

Points taken into consideration to settle a claim include the severity of the injury, your pain and if it is chronic and likely to remain with you, your ability to work, changed quality of life, the need for a carer, disfiguration, scarring and future operations that may be needed. Specialist independent medical consultants and GPs assist in our assessments. The more serious the injury, the greater the compensation payment.