Abuse Claims Solicitors in Bristol

Lyons Solicitors personal injury department, based in Bristol, assist and advise in the difficult and often traumatic area of claiming abuse compensation on behalf of people who have suffered sexual abuse, child abuse and sexual assault.

Our solicitors act with sympathy, commitment and compassion for victims of sexual abuse, child abuse and sexual assault. We have experience in this sensitive area. We will listen to your story with patience and treat you with respect and sensitivity.

We understand that victims of sexual abuse, child abuse and sexual assault often repress their experiences until adulthood. Sometimes victims may have been unwilling to act due to the anguish it would cause to family and friends.

At Lyons, our solicitors understand how hard it is for victims of abuse to approach a solicitor, much less reveal the full details of their case to a stranger. We recognise how difficult this process can be, and we strive to make the abuse compensation process as simple and as painless as possible. We act with the utmost integrity and are committed to the belief that taking legal action to redress the injustice that has been done is part of the recovery process.

From our Bristol based offices Lyons advise victims of sexual abuse, child abuse and sexual assault throughout the surrounding region.

If you, or a loved one has been the victim of child abuse, sexual abuse or sexual assault and wish to seek abuse compensation then contact our legal team for a free chat. We offer free over-the-phone and face-to-face consultations, and it goes without saying that anything that is mentioned to us during a consultation is completely and utterly confidential.

Claims can be brought against a large number of organisations and individuals including:

  • Care homes and institutions.
  • Religious organisations, including the Catholic Church.
  • Actions against public and private schools, including boarding schools.
  • Actions against professionals who have held a position of trust.
  • Abuse within the workplace.
  • Rape and sexual abuse within the home.
  • Date rape and Criminal Injury Compensation (CICA) claims.

Our solicitors based in our Bristol offices are supported by a team of experts, including doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists and specialist barristers, to ensure that your claim for abuse compensation is well supported and the anguish you have suffered is documented and substantiated.

Victims of child abuse and sexual abuse often believe that they are not entitled to abuse compensation because the abuse happened many years earlier. This is not correct. Lyons have been successful in obtaining justice and compensation for victims of abuse that occurred a significant time before the claim was made. Times have changed and the Courts are now sympathetic to the reasons why such delays occur.

We are proud of our commitment to obtaining abuse compensation for child abuse, sexual abuse and sexual assault. Our personal injury partner Duncan Shaw will be happy to discuss "no win no fee" agreements. He also conducts CICA claims on a contingency fee basis. Duncan will be happy to speak to you in total confidence on a no obligation basis.