Mediation Solicitors in Bristol

Lyons is a member of “Resolution” and is therefore committed to trying to resolve disputes in a non-confrontational way.

We believe that family law disputes should be dealt with in a constructive way designed to preserve people’s dignity and to encourage agreements. As such we are committed to:

  • Conducting matters in a constructive and non-confrontational way.
  • Avoiding the use of inflammatory language both written and spoken.
  • Retaining professional objectivity and respect for everyone involved.
  • Taking into account the long-term consequences of actions and communications as well as the short-term implications.
  • Encouraging people to put the best interests of the children first.
  • Emphasising the importance of being open and honest in all dealings.
  • Making everyone aware of the benefits of behaving in a civilised way.
  • Keeping financial and children issues separate.
  • Ensuring that consideration is given to balancing the benefits of any steps against the likely costs - financial or emotional.
  • Informing you of the options (for instance counselling, family therapy, round table negotiations, mediation, collaborative law and court proceedings).

If negotiations between the parties and/or their solicitors are not making progress then we will refer you to an appropriate mediation service or advise you on alternative dispute resolution before a final decision is made to proceed to court.