Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors in Bristol

This is for couples who are not married but would like to have clarity around the finances and children in their relationship, in case the relationship ends.

Your lawyer will obtain the information needed from you and create an agreement for your signature.

What is included in the fixed fee?

Our fees: £930.00
VAT on our fees: £186.00
Total: £1116.00

You will be provided with an email and telephone number for your lawyer.

The fee assumes that you have agreed to the general nature of what you would like to happen if your relationship ends.

We include:

  • Obtaining the information we need to be able to draft the agreement
  • Telling you of the issues you might wish to consider
  • Drafting the agreement
  • Arranging for the correct signature
  • Storing the original agreement

We make an allowance (in addition to the drafting) of 1.5 hours for discussions and advice for you. This is normally perfectly sufficient but does not allow for extra fees in those exceptional cases where there are, for example, a lot of discussions about exactly what should be in the agreement, disagreements between you and so on. If you anticipate that such discussions will be necessary contact Lyons to obtain a detailed quote for this work.

Why pay a fixed fee?

By paying a fixed fee at the start of your case you have certainty about the costs involved. The alternative is to pay an hourly rate for the time your lawyer spends on your case. We believe you should pay for the work that needs to be done, rather than the time it takes to do it.