Wills Solicitors in Bristol

From £250 plus VAT

It is straightforward and costs little to make a simple Will. By taking this step you will be certain that when you die your money and possessions go to the person or people that you choose. If your estate is joint, is large or complicated it will require careful thought so that it covers all of your wishes. To make a single Will it can cost as little as £250 plus VAT. When we have had a discussion with you about what you may wish to cover in your Will we will advise you in advance of the cost.

Your estate includes your house and other properties, investments, money and everything that belongs to you. You can leave specific items to family and friends, a specified donation to charity and instructions for your funeral. If you have young children, guardians can be named. You can appoint executors to administer your estate and they would be responsible for ensuring that the estate is divided according to your Will. Often your Solicitor will be one of the executors so that the whole process is made as straightforward as possible. If you would like us to be named as one of your executors, we would be happy to do so.

When people die without making a Will it can be a complicated, lengthy procedure to distribute your possessions because the law will decide what should happen to your estate. This could mean that your estate may not pass to those you intended. If you wish to amend your Will at any time, it is a simple process. We keep Wills for clients, free of charge and will provide you with a copy that you can keep at home or take to your bank