Probate & Letters of Administration

At what will already be an extremely difficult and emotional time for you and your loved ones, if you have been appointed an executor then why not speak to one of practitioners about how we can help you to administer the estate properly and efficiently.

Our experienced STEP accredited practitioners are friendly and approachable and will guide you step by step through the Probate process. They will be also be able to provide you with a clear estimate of the costs involved so you can remain in control of the finances.

Stage 1

Establish the value of the Estate.

Stage 2

Calculate, Report and Pay HMRC any Inheritance Tax due in respect of the Estate.

Stage 3

Having accounted to HMRC and paid any tax due apply for the Grant of Probate.

Stage 4

Obtain Grant of Probate

Stage 5

Establish any claims against the Estate (Wait 6 months from the Grant of Probate) or unknown creditors (Advertise for Unknown creditors (Wait 2 months from the Grant of Probate)

Stage 6

Liquidate Assets

Stage 7

Pay any outstanding IHT and any debts and/or Administrative Expenses

Stage 8

Prepare and approve Estate Accounts

Stage 9

Calculate, Report and Pay HMRC any Income Tax or Capital Gain Tax due during Administration Period.

Stage 10

On receipt of HMRC clearance in respect of IHT, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, distribute the Estate Assets