Medical Negligence Solicitors

It can be upsetting and painful to have been involved in a medical accident where avoidable harm has been caused as a result of treatment or a failure to treat.

We believe that those affected by medical accidents deserve an honest, straightforward and appropriate explanation, support and compensation at a fair and just level.

We are here to help you. We have developed expertise and experience over a number of years and are dedicated to assisting victims of medical accidents through the claims process.

We have links with medical practitioners and barristers from across the country to assist in dealing with claims.

We can offer a full range of funding options in order to assist in the claim process .We can undertake medical negligence claims on a No Win No fee  arrangement  basis and have contact with  pre-event legal expenses insurers.

You may wish to investigate your treatment provided by healthcare professionals such as a General Practitioner, Hospital doctor, nurse, dentist, optician or physiotherapist in circumstances where there has been a misdiagnosis or late diagnosis; mistakes during or after surgery, late or wrong treatment prescription errors, failure to warn you of the risks involved before treatment.

Types of injury claims

Accident & Emergency Claims

Hospital Acquired Infections

Amputation Claims

Inquests & Fatal Claims

Birth Injury Claims

Laser Eye Surgery Claims

Brain Injury Claims

Orthopaedic Medical Claims

Cancer Claims

Pregnancy & Maternal Injury Claims

Cerebral Palsy Claims

Prescription Errors

Cosmetic Surgery Errors

Spinal Cord Damage Claims

Dental Claims

Surgical Errors

Erbs Palsy

Treatment Disputes

Errors & Delays in Diagnosis


‘Margaret was awarded compensation of £25,000 after she was fitted with the wrong artificial joint to replace her arthritic knee and as a result of this error she had to have further operations to correct the mistake and the complications she then experienced.’

A prescription for medication that does not take into consideration the pills that a patient is already taking, an inappropriate dosage or the oversight of a registered allergic reaction can all be seriously dangerous errors that can result in making a patient dangerously ill. If you have had a similar experience, call us to discuss how we can help you.