Medical Negligence Solicitors

If medical professionals make mistakes or fail in their duty of care and a patient experiences a loss, it is considered medical negligence. If you’ve suffered due to medical malpractice, or medical negligence our solicitors can help support you to claim the compensation that you are rightfully owed.

Medical negligence can occur in various ways, including surgical errors, incorrect medical treatment, or misdiagnosis. We appreciate that these events can be incredibly distressing, and that clients may experience an ongoing impact on both their physical and psychological health.

Our expert solicitors at Lyons Solicitors approach every medical negligence claim with professionalism and empathy. We’ve assisted clients with a wide range of medical malpractice cases and pride ourselves on offering a first class legal service, tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

You’ll work with the same medical negligence solicitor throughout, allowing you to establish a great working relationship. Your solicitor will keep you up to date with the progress of your claim, ensuring that you understand the processes and your position. Throughout your claim you can contact us over the telephone, video conference, or in person and can arrange for out of hours or home visits where appropriate.

We can offer medical negligence advice on a variety of matters, including:

  • Assessing the details of your claim.
  • Supporting you to gather evidence.
  • Advice to prepare for mediation and settlement processes.
  • Assistance throughout court proceedings, if necessary.

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Types of medical negligence claims we can help with

Our medical negligence specialists can support clients with many different negligence claims, including:

  • Medical misdiagnosis- if a health condition is missed and the patient suffers as a result, or the medical professional makes a wrong diagnosis.
  • Surgical malpractice- covering various surgical errors such as foreign objects being left inside a patient’s body, or an operation that was wrongly performed.
  • Medication mistakes- situations whereby the incorrect medication was dispensed or prescribed, or when medications are given which should not have been taken together.
  • Birth or pregnancy injuries- any injuries endured by mother or baby which were a direct result of medical negligence.

Once our solicitors have reviewed the specifics of your case, we can talk you through the process of making a medical negligence claim in Kingswood, Westbury-on-Trym, or Chew Magna.

Our medical negligence claims fees

Our clients benefit from our ‘No Win, No Fee’ funding model. Flexible fee structures like this allow us to represent clients who are worried about losing on a claim, or who have limited funds to pursue such claims.

Our medical negligence solicitors will talk to you about your claim funding options as well as educating you on any relevant insurance. Supporting you to cover potential unforeseen costs.

Medical negligence claim FAQs

What is classed as medical negligence?

Medical negligence means that a patient has received substandard care that has worsened an existing condition, or caused an injury. Medical negligence may involve surgical errors, misdiagnosis, or wrongly prescribed medications.

Examples of medical negligence claims include birth injuries, brain injuries, accident and emergency claims, cancer claims, surgical errors, and treatment disputes. If you are unsure about your right to make a claim, get in touch with our medical negligence solicitors in Kingswood, Westbury-on-Trym or Chew Magna.

What can you claim for medical negligence?

Medical negligence compensation covers general damages, including loss of amenity, suffering and pain. If you’ve experienced a loss because of medical malpractice, you may also be entitled to claim for future expenses, losses and special damages, (depending on the circumstances.).

If an individual is claiming for special damages, various matters will be considered, including their ongoing care and treatments, any dependents and required lifestyle adaptations.

What are the three elements of medical negligence?

To receive compensation for medical negligence, it must be possible to prove the following three elements:

  1. The medical professional must have owed the patient a duty of care.
  2. That duty of care must have been breached.
  3. The patient was harmed or has suffered a loss as a result.

Can you sue the NHS for medical negligence?

Yes, patients who have suffered due to an NHS medical malpractice have the right to pursue a medical negligence NHS claim. If you’ve experienced a loss because of the negligence of the NHS, you’ll need to get in touch with medical negligence solicitor.

At Lyons, we appreciate that the idea of suing the NHS can feel traumatic, and that you may be unsure about making this decision. Our expert team will provide you with the reassurance and practical information that you’ll need to proceed.

How do you prove medical negligence?

To make a medical negligence claim, you’ll need to prove that medical malpractice has in fact taken place. You’ll need evidence, such as your medical records, and to provide a detailed statement that explains the treatment you received, and where the alleged failings were made. Patients can also provide witness statements from friends and family where appropriate. Most importantly you will need a medical expert’s report to prove your case. We can advise you on the most appropriate expert and arrange for an appointment.

To access medical negligence compensation, it’s necessary to prove that a duty of care existed, that duty was breached, and that the individual suffered as a result. To prove that these three elements are present with the appropriate evidence, you’ll require the assistance of a medical negligence solicitor.

How long does a medical negligence claim take?

Medical negligence cases vary in time frames, our medical negligence specialists have settled cases in a matter of months. However, when cases are particularly complicated, or where evidence is unsubstantial, some cases may take years.

Fortunately, our specialist solicitors can provide clients with the support that they need, while the case is still ongoing.

Our experts will send a notification to the appropriate medical body. The institution or party responsible must then acknowledge the claim within a 2-week time frame. Once the claim has been acknowledged, the defendant has four months to provide a detailed response.

Do you have to go to court for medical negligence?

Our solicitors at Lyons Law will attempt to settle medical negligence cases without court proceedings; however, it may not be an option, particularly if the case is rife with conflict, or otherwise complex.

Rest assured, if you do need to attend court, we have the experience and expertise to secure you the compensation that you deserve. However, the majority of cases can be resolved by a medical negligence specialist before the trial stages.

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