Buying & Selling a Home

We at Lyons recognise that although buying and selling a house can be highly complex and stressful to those involved we can provide a personal service that will allow you to have clarity and remain in control during the process.

We are here to guide you through each stage of the legal transaction whether you are selling, buying or both. Through our friendly, efficient and accessible conveyancers you will feel confident that we are working for you to ensure your interests are protected throughout the transaction and beyond. This is after all likely to be one of the biggest, most important transactions of your life so far.

We recognise that keeping control of the legal costs involved is an important aspect of the process itself and therefore from the onset we can provide you with a competitive fixed costs quote with no hidden fees so that you can be confident that you keep control.

Why not call to speak to one of our conveyancers today who would be happy to discuss your sale or purchase and how we can help you. We can also talk through the costs so you know exactly where you will stand. You can also email for a quote