When you make a Will you will appoint executors so that on your death they can make the necessary arrangements to sort out your affairs. If you appoint your solicitor to be one of the executors he can deal with the legal administration of the estate for the other executors.

We will arrange probate so that the necessary legal requirements such as the payment of Inheritance Tax and the disposal of assets are dealt with efficiently.

What is Probate?

When we arrange probate we obtain authorisation from the Court to act on behalf of the estate. This allows us to collect in all money from banks, building societies and investments; we settle outstanding debts with the funds; give specified gifts e.g. jewellery or a stated sum of money to people or charities named in the Will; and once this is all complete, we distribute the remaining money according to the wishes in the Will. 

Partner without a Will - Case Study

When one of a married couple dies the estate automatically goes to the living spouse but this does not automatically transfer when... View all case studies

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