How much can I win

Use the search tools on this page to read about accidents like your own, same type of injury, doing a similar job or activity and so on. This will give you an indication about how much you could hope to be awarded but, of course, every accident and injury is different and each is carefully assessed.

A serious injury may mean that you cannot return to work, you may need a carer, you may have to make changes to your home to accommodate a wheelchair. All of these costs including the loss of potential earnings would be taken into consideration to calculate the sum to be awarded. A minor injury may require time off work, it could leave an embarrassing scar, it may affect confidence.

We are highly experienced in assessing accidents and injuries and if we believe you have a case, we will be able to give you an indication of how much you could hope to receive in compensation.

Injury Claims Costs

We provide you with a genuine no win no fee injury claims service, which means:

  • If you lose it still costs nothing.
  • If you win, you are awarded a financial settlement for your claim.
  • If you win then that is when we get paid. If you lose, we earn nothing.
  • You have nothing to lose so why don’t we get started?

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