Case Studies

It may be helpful for you to read about cases in which we have been involved and although your own concerns will be particular to you or your business this information may provide you with some guidance.

Case Studies cover aspects of Inheritance & Life Planning for Private Clients, Commercial Law and Injury Compensation Claims including the injury suffered, how it happened and the sum of money awarded.

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£5,500 Compensation for Catering Employee

Joy was working in a kitchen and she leaned over to pull down the serving shutter that had already been reported as faulty. She had to apply extra force to close it and as she did so the shutter suddenly released itself and landed hard on her hand.

£17,500 Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by Car 

As he was crossing the road at lights which were on red to traffic, Frank was hit by a car and his leg was broken.

£7,350 Compensation for Shopper in a Market

While she was looking around the market Irene tripped over a metal bar that had fallen from one of the market stalls and was lying on the ground. She injured her left shoulder both knees.

£9,000 Compensation for woman in Car Park

Jane was walking across a dark car park of a Public House when she fell in a pot hole injuring the ligaments in her right ankle with continuing symptoms.

£1750 compensation for car cleaner

Mark aged 28 years was a self-employed car cleaner and working in the car park when a reversed into him injuring his back. He recovered compensation of £1750.

£1800 for building contractor

Ken a building contractor aged 37 years was bicycling down a road in Bristol when he skidded on sand which had blown onto the road from some roadworks and fell off his bike suffering minor injuries to his wrist knee and back. Liability was denied but following negotiations a settlement was reached and Ken received compensation of £1800.

£2,000,000 for wife 

Eleanor who was in her early 50s was a very successful management consultant in partnership with her husband.  Unfortunately the marriage broke down and  there was significant dispute about the value of the shares in the family company. Forensic accountants were used to help with the valuation and in the course of court proceedings a settlement was achieved under which Eleanor recovered a share of the matrimonial assets of approximately £2,000,000.00

Cohabitees obtains significant share of former partner's property

Anneka who was in her mid-30s was in a long-term cohabitation arrangement which broke down leaving her in a house owned by her former cohabitee who demanded a sale. There was a significant argument about financial contributions towards the purchase of the property that following negotiations Anneka established a 28% share in the house which will now enable her to acquire suitable alternative accommodation for herself and her son.